Welcome to my personal training page!

I’ve worked a long time to reach this point and I’m extremely proud and exited to present my vision of what constitutes a healthy and injury preventing approach to training.

A training system that respects the foundation of human biomechanics.

Best training system to improve postural balance, even in conditions such as scolioses, scheuermann’s disease ect.

Improved bilateral coordination and strength, effectively counteracting the imbalances imposed by side dominance.

Improve strength, balance, running technique and overall athleticism. Yes, throwing away unwanted body weight is of course a natural part of the process!

Most importantly, what this translates into is – Resilience to injury at a much higher level then any other training system. Less degenerative disorders as you age. Less neurological disturbances from the somatic system, potentially making the body more capable of handling both physical and mental stressors. A body in a physical homeostasis will ultimately lead to a better auto-regulation.

All training will be done in Hillerød Slotspark, outside in nature. No gym membership required. The personal training is for those who are interested in what i consider optimal physical well being. This includes weight loss, improved strength and the basic ability to walk, run, jump and hit/throw (golf, tennis ect.).

If this sounds interesting, take a look at the different offers below and feel free to contact me regarding any question you might have!




Chose a plan with or without an osteopathic checkup!

Single sessions are only for those who have an insurance or those who have already had sessions with me before and are looking for a follow-up.

Keep in mind

If you have an insurance you can ONLY use the 1 session offer.
If you do not have an insurance covering you, and you have not had an active process with me before, the 1 session is not yet an option.


Personal training is always done outside. It will be a personal approach, based on your individual needs and goals!
The purpose is to make you move better, be stronger and keep you injury free on the long term. It’s for every seeking to attain peak performance wether you are an athlete, a beginner, young or old, with or without pain. The exercises are specialised in building a good posture and functionality in basic evolutionary human adaptations e.g. standing, walking, throwing and running.

Group Classes

Currently not available.

Nutritional guidance

I give nutritional guidance as part of my personal training. I relly on my educaitons and many years of personal experience. Which is also why i do not make specifik dietary plans to follow, since I’ve experienced that it’s a short term solution for most people. There are many opinions and many aproches to diet and I guide people to the most effective and healty habbits that individual can maintain. 

Bring a friend

The personal training can be structured so that you can bring a friend to join you in your endeavours to attain the best possible physique. I maximum work with 2 people at a time, to maintain a higher level of personal understand and end results. 

Book a free 30 min informal consultation

Build a strong human foundation

injury free