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My name is Nicolai Mattiazzo Blom Salmonsen

I am an Authorized Osteopath, 2021 (MSc.Ost. M.R.O.DK), Authorized Physiotherapist, 2018 (B.Sc. Fys), and Authorized Personal Trainer, 2013.

I chose to become an osteopath because I am passionate about health in all its aspects, both mental and physical. I have always been very physically active and love challenging myself.
I spent my childhood on roller skates and later skateboarding. I played badminton for 8 years and tried everything from breakdancing, basketball, to boxing. After finishing primary school, I started 10th grade at Oure (Adventure). It was a fantastic program where daily activities included mountain biking, climbing, skiing/snowboarding, sea kayaking, trail running, triathlon, and more.

After this, I became interested in strength training. Here, I formed strong bonds with peers who shared the same passion. I primarily stuck to the conventional strength training using machines and free weights but also did Crossfit and Calisthenics for a while.

I’ve studied Biology at KU for 2 years, until I decided to become a personal trainer and worked with that for a couple of years. I then applied for physiotherapy. Besides becoming a personal trainer to enhance my skills as a physio, I also worked as a private caregiver for people with disabilities and briefly held a position at a school for multi-handicapped children.

But why osteopathy? It is not a well-known form of treatment in Denmark. I suffered a neck injury back in 2010. Like many others, I waited a bit too long to seek treatment, hoping my body would fix itself. But I eventually ended up at an osteopath, and it turned out to be a really good experience. So I researched the educational requirements and found out that to become an osteopath in Denmark, one needs to be a physiotherapist, chiropractor, or doctor. So even before applying for physiotherapy, I was already planning to become an osteopath.

Throughout my journey to become an osteopath, I have always had a job in private practice. I started as a physiotherapy student at Næstved Rygcenter a couple of months into my studies, and I stayed there until and a little after I graduated as a physio. It became possible for me to start osteopathy a year before I finished physio. So I was studying two universities at the same time.

As I grew up in Birkerød and have most of my close family there, I moved towards Hillerød, where I was hired at FysioDanmark. I worked there while completing my internship and eventually got hired as a student of osteopathic at Nordisk Osteopati. It is worth mentioning that I met my wife, Yamani, around the same time I was hired at Næstved Rygcenter. We got married in 2015. She is from Brazil, so most of our vacations are spent visiting her family down there.

Right now, I am in Nordisk Osteopati, Hillerød. I am really happy with the perspective that osteopathy has given me, both as a practitioner and in terms of how I view general health today. Despite not being able to learn everything about everything, I have gained a greater understanding of the complexity of the human body.

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